Tilak nagar, Miraj-Sangli Road, Miraj, India

Class And Labs

Class And Labs

Name of Laboratories Physics Lab
Major Equipment`s

Spectrometer, Traveling Microscope,

Platinum Resistant Thermometer ,

P-N Junction Diode

Lab Utilization for Subject

Basic Science(Physics)

Applied Science(Physics)

Lab In charge Mrs.U.U.Padhiar.
Lab Area 67.50 sq. m.
Cost in RS 1,71,555


Name of Laboratories Chemistry Lab
Major Equipment`s

Magnetic Stirrer, PH Meter, Conductivity Meter ,

Distillation Unit,

Weight Balance


Lab Utilization for Subject

Basic Science(Chemistry)

Applied Science(Chemistry)

Lab In charge Ms.P.C.Ainapure
Lab Area 102sq. m.
Cost in RS 2,09,998
Name of Laboratories Language Lab
Major Equipment`s Lenovo Computer,
Lab Utilization for Subject English,Communication Skills
Lab In charge Mr.S.L.Sawaisarje
Lab Area 66 sq.m
Cost in RS 9,18,200.00