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Department Of General Science

Department Of General Science

The Department of General Science was established in the year 2011 right from the day of inception of the college. The subjects which comes under the General Science Department are as follows:

  • Basic Physics
  • Basic Chemistry
  • Basic Mathematics
  • English
  • Communication Skills.
  • Applied Physics
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Communication Skills.

Physics is the heart of all engineering branches. It is the study of behavior of real things and natural phenomenon. The core branches of Engineering like Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, and Electrical are based on principals, fundamentals & concepts in physics.It provides fundamental understanding of basic principles through theory and practice. Chemistry department aims at unveiling structure and nature of materials in the nature.The subject Chemistry deals with the study of different important engineering materials used in engineering fields. Few examples of such engineering materials are Metals & Alloys, Rubber and Plastics, Fossil Fuels, Lubricants, Cement etc. Mathematics plays a vital role in engineering field developing logical understanding and helping engineers to understand mathematical dimension of engineering. Without knowledge of Mathematics, a person cannot become a successful engineer. The important topics in the mathematics include Statistics, Probability, and Operational Research etc. whose knowledge is a base for engineering courses. This need is fulfilled by Professional Communication through providing ample ground for the students to learn soft skills required.Communication Skills and Presentation and Communication Techniques are taught in first and second semester respectively. The subjects help in improving communication and presentation skills of the students so that they can present their knowledge and ideas in proper and precise manner with confidence and ease.


  • To achieve academic excellence and overall developments of the students to meet the International standards.
  • To cater the needs of nearby industries by producing trained manpower to enhance productivity.
  • To use the knowledge of Physics for Industrial development.
  • To develop entrepreneurship qualities of the students.

Intake For First Year Diploma

.Diploma Civil Engineering-54

Diploma Computer Engineering-54

Diploma Electrical Engineering-54

Diploma Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering-54

Diploma Mechanical Engineering-108