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Placement Policy

Placement Policy

The placement policy will be applicable to all students registered for the 2011-12 campus placements of SBGI MBA students and is to be followed during the entire duration of the placement season.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA, B Tech and Polytechnic

1. Student of SBGI expected to complete his/her degree by July 2012 is eligible to register.
2. Students can register for placements only once

Guidelines for Policy :

1. The role of TPO is of a facilitator and counselor for placement related activities. TPO does Not Guarantee a job. Applying for a company or joining a company Is entirely the responsibility/decision of the students concerned.
2. The placement facility is available to all the students registered with SPO through the policy ONE JOB TO ONE STUDENT AT THE FIRST INSTANCE.
3. There is no restriction on applying/appearing in interviews until the first job is secured. A student will be considered to have secured a job if his/her name appears in the selection list or an appointment letter received to TPO.
4. Students must keep their Identity Card with them at the time of PPT/Test/Group Discussion/ Interviews, and produce the same when demanded by the visiting team or TPO coordinators or their representatives.
5. The TPO strongly discourages the students to go for off campus placements in the companies that already come to SBGI campus as this affects the company-institute relations adversely. Students are also requested to forward contacts they have, if any, in different companies so that TPO may formally invite these companies for placements.

Pre Placement Offers (PPO) :

1. All Pre Placement Offers by any company whatsoever, extended to any student, have to be immediately intimated to the Placement Office by the student after registration. This also includes offers extended by companies that are not participating in the 2011-12 campus placements.
2. All companies contacted will also be asked in advance about any Pre Placement offers that have been extended by them and the company will be informed about our PPO policy in advance.
3. Also, any form of intimation from a company about the possibility of a PPO being granted in future should be informed to the Placement Office. The Placement Office will take up the matter with the company further and the student will be allowed to sign Job Announcement Form(JAF) as per the normal policy until a decision regarding the grant of a PPO is made.
4. A student offered a Pre Placement Offer through TPO must accept/reject the offer prior to the date specified by the company.
5. Students accepting or denying a PPO will have to immediately notify the Placement Office of the same. If the PPO is accepted, the job will be recorded and he/she will NOT be allowed to participate in the campus placements. However, he/she will be allowed to participate in the process if the offer is rejected. The rejection letter will be sent to the company through TPO.

Any student found to have breached any of these rules or secured a PPO and not informed the placement office of the same will be debarred from the placement process. If at the time of breach the student is already placed, the company in which he/she is placed will be intimated of the violation.

Penalty Structure :

Each student will be assigned a total of 10 points at the time of registration with TPO. Points will be deducted from his record for misconduct as per the following rules. Losing all the 10 points or more will lead to deregistration from TPO. Re-registration may be done at the discretion of Chairman, Director, TPO and/or after paying a monetary penalty.
1. A student will be allowed to be exempted from compulsory attendance for PPT for a maximum of 2 companies due to genuine reasons* by filling a leave application form within 2 days after PPT.
2. Student will not be allowed to participate in the selection process of the company for which he/she has missed the PPT (Exempting the 2 companies missed due to genuine reasons). However, he/she may be allowed to participate in the process of that particular company after deduction of 4 points.
3. Opting out of the selection process of a company at any stage after applying may lead to deduction of minimum of 5 points and maximum of 10 points. For ex- 6 points for missing test, 7 for missing GD, 10 for missing interview.
4. Any sort of misbehaviour on the part of students which affects the decorum of the PPT or the selection process or the reputation of the SPO attracts a minimum penalty of 2 points. The fine may be increased at the discretion of the Placement Office as per the severity of the situation.eg- Asking inappropriate questions during PPT or Interview.
5. Cheating in all forms or marking proxies during the selection process is strictly prohibited and those caught indulging in such activities would lose all their points and debarred from the placement process. Also note that no concessions in any form shall be provided in such case.

*Genuine reasons include health problems or other reasons subject to approval of Chairman, SPC. PPT missed due to academic clashes will not be counted among the 2 companies. Attendance will be marked on submitting the PPT leave application form duly signed by the concerned professor.