Central Library

Our SBGI institute has Central Library for Engineering (Degree and Diploma) and Management. It serves as resource centre and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful to faculty and students of the Institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge. Central Library is having Books Titles of 6120+ and 34201+ Volumes, we subscribe 55+National journals,1 International journal for Management  and 2 magazines and monthly "PARIKRAMA" for updating knowledge, we are keeping daily and weekly 15+ English and Marathi Newspapers. Facility of 100 MBPS internet Lease line is provided for our students and staff. For improving core knowledge, e-journals, e-books are always helpful to students as well as staff. Book Bank facility is available to students under Social Welfare Development (SWD) Scheme. With the aim to encourage students, free Book Bank facility is available to rankers of every branch .Main benefit of SBGI Central Library is, student of Engineering can use Management facilities also and Management student can use Engineering facilities too.National Program for Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) provides E-Learning through online web and video courses in Engineering, Science and Humanity streams. The mission of NPTEL is to enhance the quality of engineering education. DELNET has been established with the prime objective for promoting resource sharing among the libraries through the development of libraries network. It aims to collect, store, and disseminate information besides offering computerized services to users.National Digital Library is being developed to help students to prepare for entrance and competitive examination, to enable students to learn and prepare from best practices from all over the world and to facilitate researchers to perform inter-linked exploration from multiple sources. We can access lot of e-journals as well as e-books through DELNET .To make connectivity between Engineering, MBA students and staff towards cultural activity “Granth Mitra Yojana” is implemented from the beginning which contains cultural, spiritual, sports, scientific book donated by Honorable President, Faculty members of SBGI and well wishers. The total collection of GRANTH MITRA is 995 books.